Bubbly Baba!

Heya cuties, we're back with a new release! Straight from the MP,

Tanoshi's Bubbly Baba is for those who spill when they get a little too tipsy! Or for little ones who like sparkling juice and to be fancy like their Mamas! Or for any of you who have fancy friends you want to have stop talking by sticking a bottle of wine in their mouth. D; <3
Original Mesh & Textures, Tanoshi's Bubbly Baba comes with a resize script to fit avatars of any size and age, a color change HUD for multiple glass and bottle options, two static holds, one animated hold, and one mouthie version.

As always, thank you for your time and interest and have fun!

This product can be found at the Mainstore and on Our MP!! <3



Heya cuties! We're back with another new release for you!

The Heartdress comes with 8 different sayings on 10 different color options! This dress has been modeled and rigged to fit Kemono & Rei's Add on, Maitrwya & V-tech Boi chest add-on, Both female Slink bodies, and all three Belleza bodies for the perky breasts~

As usual with Tanoshi products, everything was done by Tanoshi Employees; this project was a sole Chobii Project as she's practicing rigging.


Risque & Sunny

Heya cuties, Tanoshi here with not one but two new releases for you!!

First off we have out Risque Bae Lingerie set which is a very small lingerie set that's basically got more to it to frills than to cover ya bits! We know it's loved in SL to wear as little as possible so we thought why not cuteify it a little?

Comes with a color change hud for over 10 color options, rigged and fitted to Kemono Def & Red, Maitreya Lara & V-tech Add-on, Both Slink Bodies, and all Belleza Perky bodies.

Please DEMO.

The Second release we have for you guys today is our Pawpaw Sunnies which are sunglasses in the shape of cute paw prints to help bring a little more adorableness to your summber. We know it's ending and school is starting soon and we don't want that to get you all down. Keep your sun shining brightly. <3 The Pawpaw Sunnies come with a color change HUD and resize script for over 10 color options and the ability to fit any avatar size!!

These items can be found on Tanoshi's MP as always and in our Mainstore.

Thank you for your time and as always, have a ton of fun!



Yoga Wheel & Poses

Heya again! This time We're back with something close to one of our own's hearts. Tanoshi's Yoga wheels and poses are six static poses and an original mesh yoga wheel for stability and balance.

Yoga wheels are a great prop for practice and one of our employees sisters makes and sells artistic yoga wheels in real life which ours are modeled and designed after. For more information on yoga wheels in real life and their huge benefit on our health, visit Leah'sInstagram.

BONUSSSS! If anyone purchases a yoga wheel via this link, United states only, and uses code 2life10 gets a discount. <3 :3 Use this LINK for an auto use of the code. Namaste!

Modeled, animated, and textured by Chobii this time, the Yoga Wheel Prop and Poses are a zen addition to any work out routine shot! A demo of the poses can be seen at the main store. :3




Hey cuties! Happy July! We're here with another Summer release! An anime inspired top perfect to show off the Belleza perky breasts called our TiniTinyTubie! Modeled and textured by Tanoshi Employees, the TTT has been refit to work with Belleza Perky breasts (ALL), Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Kemono & Rei's chest Add ons.

Modeled and rigged by Chobii, this is a learning piece for our group getting into making clothing as a more common staple among our pieces! We hope to be able to bring you guys many many more in the future~

Please demo as with all of our pieces!!!


Jhene Bindi!

Tanoshi's Jhene Bindi is a third eye strengthening charm representing the endless battle between light and dark over love and nature.

Nature being represented by a cannabis leaf because the piece was designed and modeled by Chobii, who believes that cannabis can bring you back to a natural state if you're in a state of disease. (Pro medical cannabis! <3)

An original mesh piece, it's textures, model, and bakes are all done by Tanoshi employees. Unrigged for use with any and all mesh heads, the Jhene bindi comes with a color change hud allowing you to change all of it's 4 elements to all of Tanoshi's different color pallet.

Named for it's inspiration's name, the Jhene bindi hopes to help you all sail them souls!!!




It's summer, which happens to be a bunch of the employees most beloved month! It's a season where there's a month dedicated to pride, it's a season where a member or two have a birthday (for which we love all seasons let's be real!) and it's a season we decided to make you guys a group gift for!!!

While waiting for our beloved Rik to come back from an awesome vacation, Chobii fiddled around in Blender to bring us some simple flip flops which were textured and set out in a rainbow flat version rigged to maitreya, belleza, and slink flat for all of our loves as a group gift! Don't forget to swing by and snag it!!!

The flip flops weren't only flat though, no, they were also refit to mid and high sizes for both feet and rigged to follow suit so we have a small release for you guys called the FlipaFlops with a color change HUD offering stripes and spotted versions.

There are a few clear errors with the model we are working on still so an update will follow, but please note them in the image and in a demo before purchasing.

We hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far. <3

Thank you