Having fun? Shape Haul!

Hello lovlies! Some of the best things in life are cute, and some of the cutest things in Tanoshi's life are you; our beloved customers! With the beginning of the year we're bringing you three shapes. One inherently female, and two femboy shapes designed by our resident Femboy, Caxy. We saw a few people asking about cute femboy shapes, so we've made two adorable little cuties for you! Super Fancy Sir is a demonic look on an alluring shape. Shaffer's a cute and magical lil' cutie on an androgynous shape that comes flat, but is modify for easily adding breasts and wearing it female. Both of the shapes Caxy has created are flatand femboy ready with the addition of the v-tech boi chest. Marin is a somewhat adorably average looking shape made for those who like a more modest and 'plain' look. Marin is set up for a naturally beautiful look with no make-up.

Super Fancy Sir comes with the above shown shape, brow base, and a style card to help direct you where to complete this look. Super Fancy Sir is a shape made by Caxy to make an in-world rendition of one of his original characters. When he was asked to make some Femboy shapes, he was not only extremely happy to help the community by making us a cute shape for you guys to begin making your cute selves with, but was generous enough to share one of his own personal character's shapes. We're overly happy to announce this release with you guys! Super Fancy Sir is 5'8 in world which is average for male shapes in real life but short for both gender heights on Second Life; Super Fancy Sir is still adult shaped.

Shaffer is the cute shape Caxy made. As a whole, Tanoshi is supportive of all people from all walks of life. We promote happiness, fun, and positivity more than anything. We're all about helping reach out and teach others or give advice when asked. When we saw a request among the community for cute femboy shapes, we wanted to help come to the rescue! Shaffer ended up Androgynous enough looking that we feel it could go either way. All of Tanoshi's shapes are sold modify, but this one we'd like to actually say can be easily made more feminine looking by upping the breast size. :3 Shaffer is six foot to be average height for female and most feminine shapes in Second Life. Though tall and a little above average for males in real life, Shaffer is short compared to male shapes in Second Life.

Marin is a shape made by Chobii for a more natural looking cute. Her features are natural and soft looking, with a little bit extra in the hips and rear. She's an otherwise slim and fairly small chested shape. She's shown with Elf ears because she's a tall shape, for Chobii, which made her look Elven to her. Marin is six foot, making her average height for women in Second Life, though tall for real life women.

As usual, all shapes on Tanoshi are modify in their full version, please Demo before purchasing. Demos are not modify, and have altered necks and hands for the showing of the shape without use of them without purchase.

The last update we have, is that with the refiguring of the bones with the version 3.0 of the Catwa Catya head helped make it so we were finally able to find, and fix the problem with our Ari shape. She's been updated and everyone who has once purchased will be getting the update for free within the next few days! We'll also be resending out the demos to everyone to show we've kept up with trying!

We hope everyone is having a good time and that the new year is bringing in love, light, and helps fill your hands with everything you work toward!

Have fun!

Who wants more fun?

It's been quite a while, hasn't it?!?

While our main store has been closed, we've been working together to teach each other some new tricks! Some of our team has been really busy with RL Jobs, others have obtained RL Jobs (Congratulations!), and a chaotic life left another unable to work until recently. It was a good time for a break for the group as a whole, and we're back to show you some things we've been workin' on while away!

There are two small locations for Tanoshi in world, where the vendors for our most popular products are displayed in world for gifting options, just in time for the holidays! Gachas have not been placed in to the stores yet, but will be available in world shortly. We were just ensuring we could give our customers the availability to gift their friends in world if they wanted before the holidays hit! <3

(Your chariot to our locations~)
(x) (x)

Last Easter we participated in a hunt on the Zombie Suicide sim!
Our Ro-Eggu Headband, which was the hunt item, is still available at the two locations for a low price. They're positioned with the group gifts with the other hunt items Tanoshi has done in the past!

Working with the artist for the Ro-Eggu headband, we've also made a cute pair of tap shoes for the dancer in you! Tappies were a mesh commission brought to Tanoshi by Amy, the artist who drew our adorable bunnies on the Ro-Eggu headband! She wanted simple mesh tap shoes. As a dancer, she was having a hard time finding them in Second Life. After working with her to make a finished product, it was decided from talks between the two that the shoes would be released through Tanoshi in case any other dancers were having a hard time finding tap shoes!

Tappies are available in world in fatpacks, but can be purchased in single colors on the Market Place. The Fatpack has a bonus set of Tappies included with an -always black- sole for more of a mix and match option. Possible Future update to add in Rigged versions with a tap sound once Amy gets the one she likes the most and we gets the scripts worked up! Updates, of course, will be free to all past purchases.

ThePurplestuff, our lovely mesher who got a job throughout the time we've been away, was meshing in her free time and has created this Apothecary kit d├ęcor for the role players out there, and the home decorators that are looking for a more medieval or old fantasy type looks for their home or sim.

While working on the Tappies, inspiration hit as did curosity and we did our first running test with and for bento poses, which we had a lot of fun making. There will be more in the future! For now, The Dancer set is dance inspired and are a set of static poses that include use of the bento addition to second life of the finger bones!

The last release, we have to show you today was a collaboration between Chobii and Rik, for a friend who had an in world event planned. Wanting to provide a present for the special day, the choker with a locket and a tied backing is the combination we came up with! Due to the way some things work in Second Life, a few new mesh and second life tricks needed to be learned for the locket to be perfected. It features a HUD that gives you 5 metal options, over 10 gem options, over 5 options for both sides of the locket, and about 18 colors for the ribbon clasp and the collar itself. Ree Dream Locket can be found both on the market place or at the satellite stores in world!

All of the projects we've been working on have been a blast and we hope you like them too!


Diamante Location Closing

Heya cuties! Tanoshi's here with a little notice today! We're closing our biggest, main store, location. We'll be keeping open the other two satelites on the Hatsune sim and the Cubic Cherry sim (for now. <3) and will be setting up a group spot somewhere for gifties!

We at Tanoshi want to focus on a smaller business for a while so we can continue learning without feeling like we're making you guys wait forever between releases! We hope you understand and continue to support us!

Landmarks to the satelites will be updated after we revamp them! As usual everything Tanoshi can be found on the Market Place (Minus Gachas but those will be at the satelies and explained after resetting up! <3)

New releases coming soon, cuties! Happy New Year!

Ari Shape & Style for Bento!

Ari is a cute shape styled by Chobii using Catwa's Catya head & Slink Hourglass body. The shape has been refitted to be used with Physique & Lara with less of a waist cinch due to body restrictions and The Mesh Project's Female body with quite a bit of accuracy!

Ari is 5'7 to be below average height for second life, but still average or slightly above average for a real life woman! We like to design in real size! :3 The shape and brow base are both modifiable so you can go in and make yourself taller or thicker if you wish! Ari is modeled after a Role Playing Character and close friend of Chobii's and is named after the friend. It was also inspired by the cute opened mouth look VCO did with a mesh mouth a few months ago. Using the Catwa HUD and head, it's a cute mesh head alternative to a mesh mouth that works with expressions! <3

Tanoshi gives thanks and credit to all for inspiration and hope everyone likes Ari! :D Details on how to get the look shown in the ad are with the style card; included in purchase!

Chakram Weapon & Warrior Pose Set!

Tanoshi's Chakram Weapon & Pose set is a hand modeled and painted mesh weapon that's scripted to rotate and have lightning effects go through it as it spins. It comes with a holding animation, as well as 5 static animations for picture or Role Playing Purposes.

Please visit Tanoshi's In World Main Store to test the animations.

Weapon comes with a Color Change HUID, resize script, and a sheathed/unsheated version. (As well as one positioned properly for each pose!) Inspired by Tera's Sorcerer!

Mesh, Textures, AND animations ALL by The Purple Stuff this time! We're super proud to announce her ability to make animations now, which we've been working on together for a bit! Amazing job, Shad! <3 <3

New Bento Fun starts now @ Tanoshi w/ De'Ana!

  • You must have the Bento Viewer to see the items needed with this shape! –
  • This shape is made for the Catwa Catya head, and results are not guarenteed in other bento heads! –

De'Ana is a shape made with the use of Catwa's Catya Bento head and a variety of mesh bodies from the grid. Modifiable to fit to your own personal needs, De'Ana comes ready with an hourglass, physique, maitreya lara, and tmp ready shapes. Please note that tmp shape does not work with the Bento hands currently available and only works with the tmp add ons because of body restrictions!

Have fun, <3Senpai

Anti-Harmie Charmie bracelet!

Tanoshi’s Anti-Harmie Charmies are a hand modeled and baked bracelet inspired by the Menhera Fashion! In a time of negativity we wanted to release something positive to remind people to keep going. In a world where we see abuse and self harm beautified in the name of art (which isn’t a bad thing, just a thing!) we wanted to release something reminding people not to take the things beautified in SL in to RL. Modeled and baked by our 3d Modeler Rik, and textured by Chobii, the anti-harmie charmie comes with a color change HUD for over 50+ Color options; most of which  have one of six motivational sayings options on them! It also has six symbols on it to represent society, people, gender, love, destiny, religion, and all the other things in life that can bring people to a point of feeling like they need to break down. We hope in showing these, that people realize these are also symbols of strength for some and they can be for you as well. Stay happy and healthy loves, and as always have fun!