Who wants more fun?

It's been quite a while, hasn't it?!?

While our main store has been closed, we've been working together to teach each other some new tricks! Some of our team has been really busy with RL Jobs, others have obtained RL Jobs (Congratulations!), and a chaotic life left another unable to work until recently. It was a good time for a break for the group as a whole, and we're back to show you some things we've been workin' on while away!

There are two small locations for Tanoshi in world, where the vendors for our most popular products are displayed in world for gifting options, just in time for the holidays! Gachas have not been placed in to the stores yet, but will be available in world shortly. We were just ensuring we could give our customers the availability to gift their friends in world if they wanted before the holidays hit! <3

(Your chariot to our locations~)
(x) (x)

Last Easter we participated in a hunt on the Zombie Suicide sim!
Our Ro-Eggu Headband, which was the hunt item, is still available at the two locations for a low price. They're positioned with the group gifts with the other hunt items Tanoshi has done in the past!

Working with the artist for the Ro-Eggu headband, we've also made a cute pair of tap shoes for the dancer in you! Tappies were a mesh commission brought to Tanoshi by Amy, the artist who drew our adorable bunnies on the Ro-Eggu headband! She wanted simple mesh tap shoes. As a dancer, she was having a hard time finding them in Second Life. After working with her to make a finished product, it was decided from talks between the two that the shoes would be released through Tanoshi in case any other dancers were having a hard time finding tap shoes!

Tappies are available in world in fatpacks, but can be purchased in single colors on the Market Place. The Fatpack has a bonus set of Tappies included with an -always black- sole for more of a mix and match option. Possible Future update to add in Rigged versions with a tap sound once Amy gets the one she likes the most and we gets the scripts worked up! Updates, of course, will be free to all past purchases.

ThePurplestuff, our lovely mesher who got a job throughout the time we've been away, was meshing in her free time and has created this Apothecary kit d├ęcor for the role players out there, and the home decorators that are looking for a more medieval or old fantasy type looks for their home or sim.

While working on the Tappies, inspiration hit as did curosity and we did our first running test with and for bento poses, which we had a lot of fun making. There will be more in the future! For now, The Dancer set is dance inspired and are a set of static poses that include use of the bento addition to second life of the finger bones!

The last release, we have to show you today was a collaboration between Chobii and Rik, for a friend who had an in world event planned. Wanting to provide a present for the special day, the choker with a locket and a tied backing is the combination we came up with! Due to the way some things work in Second Life, a few new mesh and second life tricks needed to be learned for the locket to be perfected. It features a HUD that gives you 5 metal options, over 10 gem options, over 5 options for both sides of the locket, and about 18 colors for the ribbon clasp and the collar itself. Ree Dream Locket can be found both on the market place or at the satellite stores in world!

All of the projects we've been working on have been a blast and we hope you like them too!