Tanoshi @ Nightmare && Cure-con!

Hallo again lovies! Tanoshi's participating in not only the Nightmare event going on NOW but also in the Moonie Hunt that started on the 1st!

Since Chobii, the main texture girlie, was out and away moving we called in a little help from a good friend of ours, Alice of Lamp*Light. Alice did some textures for Rik's newest masterpiece (which we had soo much trouble with but stuck with until the end to bring to you! <3) The Exclusives for the event are the collaboration dresses, nicknamed “Stitchy Dress” by Alice.

In addition to those, Chobii was working on a texture of her own in her spare time which was (luckily) finished in time to also be released at the Nightmare event. These dresses, the Homemade Dolly Dresses, were inspired by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and are in an array of 'horror' and 'bittersweet' colors. They, of course, can also be purchased separately at the event. :D <3

If you get through the Nightmare walkthrough and collect all the pumpkins you get a giiift. Tanoshi has out this adorable little Skeleton lollipop that was meshed by ThePurplestuff and Textured on the Fly by Chobii to look like a wannabe Jack to go with her wannabe Sallly dresses. <3

The second free goodie available to you right now by Tanoshi is this really pretty Luna necklace and bow that was meshed and textured by Chobii and put together for the Moonie Hunt because of most of our employee's love for the Sailor Moon anime. :D Information on all of these events, and Lms to them will follow below!

Another event that just started was Cure-con 2015 which is a fight against breast cancer! To join in on the fight Tanoshi is offering their Nyan~komimi Pink set for only 100L and the fatpack of all Nyan~komimi colors for only 500L. These are getting an update soon that adds in additional pieces so I'd say grab it while it's for a good cause! ;D

And that's our fun for the month, ladie's and gentlemen. Other items will be coming out soon for the main stores, but as for events Tanoshi is taking off the rest of the month of october so Chobii can settle down and move in fully and our other employees work on learning to meshie or texture better so we can bring you even mooar goodies.