Bubbly Baba!

Heya cuties, we're back with a new release! Straight from the MP,

Tanoshi's Bubbly Baba is for those who spill when they get a little too tipsy! Or for little ones who like sparkling juice and to be fancy like their Mamas! Or for any of you who have fancy friends you want to have stop talking by sticking a bottle of wine in their mouth. D; <3
Original Mesh & Textures, Tanoshi's Bubbly Baba comes with a resize script to fit avatars of any size and age, a color change HUD for multiple glass and bottle options, two static holds, one animated hold, and one mouthie version.

As always, thank you for your time and interest and have fun!

This product can be found at the Mainstore and on Our MP!! <3



Heya cuties! We're back with another new release for you!

The Heartdress comes with 8 different sayings on 10 different color options! This dress has been modeled and rigged to fit Kemono & Rei's Add on, Maitrwya & V-tech Boi chest add-on, Both female Slink bodies, and all three Belleza bodies for the perky breasts~

As usual with Tanoshi products, everything was done by Tanoshi Employees; this project was a sole Chobii Project as she's practicing rigging.


Risque & Sunny

Heya cuties, Tanoshi here with not one but two new releases for you!!

First off we have out Risque Bae Lingerie set which is a very small lingerie set that's basically got more to it to frills than to cover ya bits! We know it's loved in SL to wear as little as possible so we thought why not cuteify it a little?

Comes with a color change hud for over 10 color options, rigged and fitted to Kemono Def & Red, Maitreya Lara & V-tech Add-on, Both Slink Bodies, and all Belleza Perky bodies.

Please DEMO.

The Second release we have for you guys today is our Pawpaw Sunnies which are sunglasses in the shape of cute paw prints to help bring a little more adorableness to your summber. We know it's ending and school is starting soon and we don't want that to get you all down. Keep your sun shining brightly. <3 The Pawpaw Sunnies come with a color change HUD and resize script for over 10 color options and the ability to fit any avatar size!!

These items can be found on Tanoshi's MP as always and in our Mainstore.

Thank you for your time and as always, have a ton of fun!



Yoga Wheel & Poses

Heya again! This time We're back with something close to one of our own's hearts. Tanoshi's Yoga wheels and poses are six static poses and an original mesh yoga wheel for stability and balance.

Yoga wheels are a great prop for practice and one of our employees sisters makes and sells artistic yoga wheels in real life which ours are modeled and designed after. For more information on yoga wheels in real life and their huge benefit on our health, visit Leah'sInstagram.

BONUSSSS! If anyone purchases a yoga wheel via this link, United states only, and uses code 2life10 gets a discount. <3 :3 Use this LINK for an auto use of the code. Namaste!

Modeled, animated, and textured by Chobii this time, the Yoga Wheel Prop and Poses are a zen addition to any work out routine shot! A demo of the poses can be seen at the main store. :3




Hey cuties! Happy July! We're here with another Summer release! An anime inspired top perfect to show off the Belleza perky breasts called our TiniTinyTubie! Modeled and textured by Tanoshi Employees, the TTT has been refit to work with Belleza Perky breasts (ALL), Maitreya, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Kemono & Rei's chest Add ons.

Modeled and rigged by Chobii, this is a learning piece for our group getting into making clothing as a more common staple among our pieces! We hope to be able to bring you guys many many more in the future~

Please demo as with all of our pieces!!!


Jhene Bindi!

Tanoshi's Jhene Bindi is a third eye strengthening charm representing the endless battle between light and dark over love and nature.

Nature being represented by a cannabis leaf because the piece was designed and modeled by Chobii, who believes that cannabis can bring you back to a natural state if you're in a state of disease. (Pro medical cannabis! <3)

An original mesh piece, it's textures, model, and bakes are all done by Tanoshi employees. Unrigged for use with any and all mesh heads, the Jhene bindi comes with a color change hud allowing you to change all of it's 4 elements to all of Tanoshi's different color pallet.

Named for it's inspiration's name, the Jhene bindi hopes to help you all sail them souls!!!




It's summer, which happens to be a bunch of the employees most beloved month! It's a season where there's a month dedicated to pride, it's a season where a member or two have a birthday (for which we love all seasons let's be real!) and it's a season we decided to make you guys a group gift for!!!

While waiting for our beloved Rik to come back from an awesome vacation, Chobii fiddled around in Blender to bring us some simple flip flops which were textured and set out in a rainbow flat version rigged to maitreya, belleza, and slink flat for all of our loves as a group gift! Don't forget to swing by and snag it!!!

The flip flops weren't only flat though, no, they were also refit to mid and high sizes for both feet and rigged to follow suit so we have a small release for you guys called the FlipaFlops with a color change HUD offering stripes and spotted versions.

There are a few clear errors with the model we are working on still so an update will follow, but please note them in the image and in a demo before purchasing.

We hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far. <3

Thank you



Bento Purse Holds!

Tanoshi's bento purse holds are six static poses used for taking pictures. Each was inspired by different images online we thought would be good blogging images.

Each pose is priority four and copy to be able to be placed in pose sort systems.

Purse is not included, but is a sale from Tanoshi and is in the related items below the MP link and is available right above the poses in world!

These poses were made by Chobii, who thinks there's always room for more blogging poses!

Thank you for your interest, and as always have fun! <3


Spring Mahou Bodysuit

Heya cuties, Tanoshi here with another new release! This time it's an opriginal mesh body suit inspired by Shiva's Ensemble from W.O.FF. Have you played? Some of Tanoshi's employees are Final Fantasy Fans, and Chobs is the biggest. So much so she learned to rig for this body suit and is responsible for the textures as well. Brias came to our rescue with the 3d modeling and created the gorgeous mesh we're donning you with.

This was more than a two week long project, what with weight painting for 12 different bodies/add ons? We had a lot of fun trying to figure out a good work flow for everything though and Tanoshi is proud to bring you the Spring Maho Bodysuit.

Each color comes with a color change HUD that allows you to change the accents on the suit to over 15 different colors. The Fatpack comes with a speciaal HUD allowing you to change both the suit and the accents for inventory cleanliness! <3

The Maho Bodysuits are rigged to all Belleza bodies for both Natural and Perky breasts, Maitreya and Maitreya with the v-tech boichest add on, Slink Physique and Hourglass, as well as Kemono and Kemono with Rei's chest add on.

We know it's summer but bring on some spring magic with the Spring Maho Bodysuit.

Single colors available on the MP as well as a fatpack~
Single colors available in Mini Mainstore as well as fatpacks in both little satelite stores.


Ai-Hime Accessories

Heya cuties! Tanoshi here with another adorable release for you! This one was brought to you by the dream team Rik & Chobii both of which did modeling for this project. Rik baked and Chobs textured and slaved away at color change HUDs for our final product, chock full of options for you!

Ai-hime is a 7 part accessory set that can be purchased as individual pieces if you're not interested in the entire set, but can also be purchased in a fatpack or 'fattie-chan' versuion as Tanoshi calls them. The earrings and chokers have both crown and heart motif options and either a chain or bow tied back clasp. Rings are unrigged to the left and right ring fingers, earrings are optional as a crown or a heart stud, and everything is scripted in Tanoshi's 15+ color choices to be able to match anything you guys have your eyes on!

Rendered, baked, and modeled in Blender by Second Life members of the Community.
Available at 125L per piece, you can snag the fattie-chan for 449L and be a love princess of your own!



Rotten Egg Hunt 2018!

Heya cuties! Just like last year, Tanoshi's in this year's Rotten Egg hunt! To be cute, this year we made five really adorable little hair pieces and then made a 'rotten egg' that houses a little zombie sheeps clip! All Hairclips are original mesh and were modeled and textured by Tanoshi's Chobii. There are six clips to win! A bitten Bunny Ear & Bow clip, three pairs of your own fuzzy Bunbun ears available in vanilla, chocolate, or swirl as shown, a cracked easter egg hair clip, and a zombie sheeps hairclip to win. Each egg is hidden around the Lanisha sim, along with eggs from over 20 other designers and each egg is priced between 1-5L depending on the designer's preference. Here at Tanoshi we've decided to price our eggs at 1L a piece. We hope you guys have a blast and run around the Lanisha sim looking for goodies because the cuties we've being seen put available are -adorable.-

Happy Hunting!


Chariot: Awaits~

Byo BL_?

Ever have someone you wanted to tell to put their foot in their mouth? Ever wanted to walk in a sandwich and know how those delicious layers of meat feel between those toes? Ever want to spray condiments like particles with every step? Tanoshi has the item for you!!

Tanoshi's Build Your Own BL_ is a collaboration joke project between the employees of Tanoshi! BLT Foot Sandwich is 100% Original mesh by our own SL playing 3d-modelers and textures by Tanoshi employees.
Mesh was a collaboration between Brias and Chobii this time, where Brias modeled and Chobs Unwrapped, baked, and textured! Rik was then called in for the scripting expertice that allows for... Optional particle scripts emit upon step and click!!! For those of you who think that is too extra, we agree and we usually are so there's a NP or non-particled version for whoever wants a dry sandwich! There is a color change HUD letting you choose you choose between four different bread options, and six different meat options!

Don't forget your sole food!

BYO Feetwiches can be found at our mainstore location in world as well as on the market place!!

Chariot? <3 <3 

SparkieFrower Purses & New Mainstore!

Heya cuties!

Senpai here again with some awesome news for Tanoshi. Not only are we releasing our first purse with original Bento holds in it, but we also have regained a small store space for group gifts to be sat so our beloved group members can get all their gifts!!!

First up we're going to talk about the SparkieFrower Purses which were a collaboration between Rik and Chobii, Rik modeling and Chobii texturing. We got a bit of a tip from a friend with this last release that we think helped the textures look really nice, we hope you agree!!

Tanoshi's been up to some good fun ideas for you guys that we're really excited to bring you, so keep an eye and go check out the new mini mainstore where the Tappies are finally on sale in single colors in world and the new purses can be found in singles as well! All satelite stores have fatpacks only for space.

SparkieFrower purse has three original Bento holds created for you guys by Chobii, and each color comes with a HUD that allows for you to change the middle of the flower, the zippers, and the metal!

We bored a bit and Lavender was not put in to the HUDs, whoops!! Our loss is your gain, check out the original bento holds in our new purse by grabbing the Lavender version that's a group gift!! Please note that the version that's been gifted does not have a color change HUD and the FATPACK does have Lav. Scripted in to it so if you want a Lav. Purse we gave two options for obtaining it. :3

We hope you enjoy and are already working on the next project to share with you! Stay tuned and, as always, have fun!


Your Chariot Awaits~

Having fun? Shape Haul!

Hello lovlies! Some of the best things in life are cute, and some of the cutest things in Tanoshi's life are you; our beloved customers! With the beginning of the year we're bringing you three shapes. One inherently female, and two femboy shapes designed by our resident Femboy, Caxy. We saw a few people asking about cute femboy shapes, so we've made two adorable little cuties for you! Super Fancy Sir is a demonic look on an alluring shape. Shaffer's a cute and magical lil' cutie on an androgynous shape that comes flat, but is modify for easily adding breasts and wearing it female. Both of the shapes Caxy has created are flatand femboy ready with the addition of the v-tech boi chest. Marin is a somewhat adorably average looking shape made for those who like a more modest and 'plain' look. Marin is set up for a naturally beautiful look with no make-up.

Super Fancy Sir comes with the above shown shape, brow base, and a style card to help direct you where to complete this look. Super Fancy Sir is a shape made by Caxy to make an in-world rendition of one of his original characters. When he was asked to make some Femboy shapes, he was not only extremely happy to help the community by making us a cute shape for you guys to begin making your cute selves with, but was generous enough to share one of his own personal character's shapes. We're overly happy to announce this release with you guys! Super Fancy Sir is 5'8 in world which is average for male shapes in real life but short for both gender heights on Second Life; Super Fancy Sir is still adult shaped.

Shaffer is the cute shape Caxy made. As a whole, Tanoshi is supportive of all people from all walks of life. We promote happiness, fun, and positivity more than anything. We're all about helping reach out and teach others or give advice when asked. When we saw a request among the community for cute femboy shapes, we wanted to help come to the rescue! Shaffer ended up Androgynous enough looking that we feel it could go either way. All of Tanoshi's shapes are sold modify, but this one we'd like to actually say can be easily made more feminine looking by upping the breast size. :3 Shaffer is six foot to be average height for female and most feminine shapes in Second Life. Though tall and a little above average for males in real life, Shaffer is short compared to male shapes in Second Life.

Marin is a shape made by Chobii for a more natural looking cute. Her features are natural and soft looking, with a little bit extra in the hips and rear. She's an otherwise slim and fairly small chested shape. She's shown with Elf ears because she's a tall shape, for Chobii, which made her look Elven to her. Marin is six foot, making her average height for women in Second Life, though tall for real life women.

As usual, all shapes on Tanoshi are modify in their full version, please Demo before purchasing. Demos are not modify, and have altered necks and hands for the showing of the shape without use of them without purchase.

The last update we have, is that with the refiguring of the bones with the version 3.0 of the Catwa Catya head helped make it so we were finally able to find, and fix the problem with our Ari shape. She's been updated and everyone who has once purchased will be getting the update for free within the next few days! We'll also be resending out the demos to everyone to show we've kept up with trying!

We hope everyone is having a good time and that the new year is bringing in love, light, and helps fill your hands with everything you work toward!

Have fun!