Hey cuties! Sorry about Tanoshi being so quiet for so long! We're not gone though, Chobii's just been sick and busy!

We're oh so honored to be included in this round of Oh My Gacha! And we learned SO MUCH while creating these Frost Fair Cuties jumpers and accompanied accessories!!

The Jumper was meshed by Chobii, first piece of meshed clothing. It was painstakingly rigged by Rik, whom had never rigged anything to a mesh body before. Chobii and Alice teamed up for textures to bring you an adorable set of jumpers with accessories! These babies are 50L a pull and have a 20% chance for a rare and 10% chance for an ultra rare. Rares including matching tails and ears for the animals they're named after/show and the ultra rares come with matching ears and tails for ALL animals as WELL as as secondary special secret accessory. Tails were meshed by Brias, who has been helping Tanoshi in the background for a while! :D We really hope you guys enjoy these, because we really enjoyed making them!

Takushi? **