Store Policies & Information

Store Policy:

  1. We will not give refunds under any circumstances outside of accidental -double- purchase. We will refund double purchases.
  2. We will not trade any Gacha item for another. Gachas are games of chance. Please play well knowing this in advance and responsibly.
  3. We will not exchange one color of an item for another, please be mindful of what you're purchasing.
  4. We will not refund anyone who has failed to read our ads. Kemono mods are for the Kemono body and texture mods for Kemono clothes are for the specific clothing named in the ad.

Store Information:

Customer Handling Employees:
Store owner: Chobii Resident
Kemono Mod Specialist. Caxy Resident
All Customer concerns, complaints, and blogger requests/inquiries can be directed to ThePurpleStuff Resident

Important Background Employees:
Texture Work: Aliceann Alter (Owner of Lamp*Light)
Texture & 3d modeling Work: ThePurpleStuff
Art Contributions & Part time designing: Weja
3d Modeling, Scripting, & Animation: Rik.Gervasi
Modeling, teaching, scripting, rigging help: Eteocles & Brias Stardust
(Please do not contact these people without first contacting our CSR to get help, please!!!)

Our Main Store is located on the Loud Mouth sim. .}|{.

Our Market Place can be found here. .}|{.

We are currently not looking to get in to events,  however please send all invitations to either Chobii Resident
Thank you,