Heya cuties! We're back with another new release for you!

The Heartdress comes with 8 different sayings on 10 different color options! This dress has been modeled and rigged to fit Kemono & Rei's Add on, Maitrwya & V-tech Boi chest add-on, Both female Slink bodies, and all three Belleza bodies for the perky breasts~

As usual with Tanoshi products, everything was done by Tanoshi Employees; this project was a sole Chobii Project as she's practicing rigging.


Risque & Sunny

Heya cuties, Tanoshi here with not one but two new releases for you!!

First off we have out Risque Bae Lingerie set which is a very small lingerie set that's basically got more to it to frills than to cover ya bits! We know it's loved in SL to wear as little as possible so we thought why not cuteify it a little?

Comes with a color change hud for over 10 color options, rigged and fitted to Kemono Def & Red, Maitreya Lara & V-tech Add-on, Both Slink Bodies, and all Belleza Perky bodies.

Please DEMO.

The Second release we have for you guys today is our Pawpaw Sunnies which are sunglasses in the shape of cute paw prints to help bring a little more adorableness to your summber. We know it's ending and school is starting soon and we don't want that to get you all down. Keep your sun shining brightly. <3 The Pawpaw Sunnies come with a color change HUD and resize script for over 10 color options and the ability to fit any avatar size!!

These items can be found on Tanoshi's MP as always and in our Mainstore.

Thank you for your time and as always, have a ton of fun!