Through the Looking Glass

Eyes are the doors to our soul, keeps you locked with our new Through the Looking Glass eyes.

Hand painted by our own Valerok to have a key hole in the middle.

Who unlocks you?

<3 99L a Piece.;Mesh inserts, LL Standard eyes and an eye Alpha included.

These eyes were originally intended to be Kemono only, and the Kemono/M3/venus eyes WILL be available as of the first at the Animagical Gacha event, which Tanoshi is taking part in. Chobii loved these eyes so much though that she converted them in to standard LL eyes and made mesh inserts. (Using a free mesh eye template)

These lovelies are available at the Tanoshi mainstore and will be available on Market Place Soon! <3



Tanoshi @ Manga Fair

Hallo again! We're very pleased to announce that we're participating in this year's Manga Fair! I'm a little late posting here, I'm sorry. Qq

Anyway~ We're bringing to you three brand knew items from Tanoshi that are exclusives!

Firstly is a limited edition Kemono mod by our talented artists Caxy, named the Twilight Unicorn. Rik, our awesome mesher, got together a lion unicorn tail and animated it for us while our Chobii whose delving in to meshing herself, used a tutorial to create her first item, the unicorn horn adorning the head. This awesome mod comes with not only it's own horn and original mesh animated tail, but also had add ons drawn especially for the Burd-e-mart hooves and unicorn tail. As a bonus, we used the Kemono ears as our ears and added a human/animal leg texture as well as a Kemono tail texture for those of you who wish to be something aside from a unicorn. This very versitile baby is only 399L and will diappear when the event ends.

Secondly we made a headdress in memory of an anime based game our Purpsie loved as a child. Once again meshed by our awesome Rik, and textured lovingly (and a little painstakingly) by our Chobii~ As an additional bonus, the crowns all come with texture change huds to change the bands and feathers either black or white and to change the crown from silver to gold. Purchase by picking your flower color below. :) 199L a piece or a fatpack for 1000l

Lastly we squeezed in to the Gacha area with our last exclusive. Meshed and textured by Thepurplestuff, or Purpsie as I love to call her. These are another recreation from a game she loved from the past with her own spin on 'em. These are 75l a spin right beside Tanoshi's stall at the Manga fair.

We'll have more releases for you soon! Oh! And there's a cute preview of a future release as a gift at the fair! See you soon1

Takushii <3


A beginning and an end...~

Meaning the rounds of Genre, that is! Military round is OVER and you can now find the Little Toy guns dresses (including a fatpack!), the bullet bracelets (Also including a fatpack now!), and the Sky High mods for your Kemono (AS WELL AS A FATPACK!) allllll at the main store at their normal prices. :]

With the new round beginning, we're offering a new product that was hand meshed lovingly by our Rik.Gervasi and textured, with a little less love (Jkjk!) by our Chobii.

We present to you, Underworld love potions. Inspired by Hades and persephone and how he used the seeds of a pomegranet to entrap her for months at a time in the underworld. Our necklaces come in a variety of 'flavors' for you to entrap your own lovers with (Or yourself if you want!) and steam a little to always keep them under your spell. (There's no scripted spell guys, just roll with it. :'D Imagination!) FATPACK is on sale for a mere 99L for the duration of the event!