A beginning and an end...~

Meaning the rounds of Genre, that is! Military round is OVER and you can now find the Little Toy guns dresses (including a fatpack!), the bullet bracelets (Also including a fatpack now!), and the Sky High mods for your Kemono (AS WELL AS A FATPACK!) allllll at the main store at their normal prices. :]

With the new round beginning, we're offering a new product that was hand meshed lovingly by our Rik.Gervasi and textured, with a little less love (Jkjk!) by our Chobii.

We present to you, Underworld love potions. Inspired by Hades and persephone and how he used the seeds of a pomegranet to entrap her for months at a time in the underworld. Our necklaces come in a variety of 'flavors' for you to entrap your own lovers with (Or yourself if you want!) and steam a little to always keep them under your spell. (There's no scripted spell guys, just roll with it. :'D Imagination!) FATPACK is on sale for a mere 99L for the duration of the event!


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