Tanoshi's in Genre!

Genre's newest round is Military themed, so our band of amazingly creative loves got together to bring you guys three new releases! All of which are discounted to 99 lindens for the duration of the Genre event!!!

The first release was brought to you by Caxy and his beloved Hubbu Vale. It's an air force inspired Kemono – M3v mod that makes you look kinda like an alien. The detail on the backing is gorgeous!!!

(Better view of back)

Secondly Rik took his amazing meshing skills to the next level and brought us a Military inspired Lolita dress that I slaved at for about two days while learning how to texture. I took the apron framed top approach and lined the bottom with an array of bullets, flying bullets, and chains. Name of the dresses is inspired by Carrie Underwood's “Little Toy Guns” song. <3

Lastly, but so not leastly, we have a new addition to the Tanoshi employment roll. Shad Tenish, Thepurplestuff, has joined on as a mesher/desigher and made us an adorable bullet bracelet/wrist cuffs that have a lace option which I textured to match the dresses and make a more full ensemble. We left these babies mod so they can work for males/females and everything in between! (Yes Kemono, tmp, maitreya have all been tested! :)) &


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