Ari Shape & Style for Bento!

Ari is a cute shape styled by Chobii using Catwa's Catya head & Slink Hourglass body. The shape has been refitted to be used with Physique & Lara with less of a waist cinch due to body restrictions and The Mesh Project's Female body with quite a bit of accuracy!

Ari is 5'7 to be below average height for second life, but still average or slightly above average for a real life woman! We like to design in real size! :3 The shape and brow base are both modifiable so you can go in and make yourself taller or thicker if you wish! Ari is modeled after a Role Playing Character and close friend of Chobii's and is named after the friend. It was also inspired by the cute opened mouth look VCO did with a mesh mouth a few months ago. Using the Catwa HUD and head, it's a cute mesh head alternative to a mesh mouth that works with expressions! <3

Tanoshi gives thanks and credit to all for inspiration and hope everyone likes Ari! :D Details on how to get the look shown in the ad are with the style card; included in purchase!

Chakram Weapon & Warrior Pose Set!

Tanoshi's Chakram Weapon & Pose set is a hand modeled and painted mesh weapon that's scripted to rotate and have lightning effects go through it as it spins. It comes with a holding animation, as well as 5 static animations for picture or Role Playing Purposes.

Please visit Tanoshi's In World Main Store to test the animations.

Weapon comes with a Color Change HUID, resize script, and a sheathed/unsheated version. (As well as one positioned properly for each pose!) Inspired by Tera's Sorcerer!

Mesh, Textures, AND animations ALL by The Purple Stuff this time! We're super proud to announce her ability to make animations now, which we've been working on together for a bit! Amazing job, Shad! <3 <3

New Bento Fun starts now @ Tanoshi w/ De'Ana!

  • You must have the Bento Viewer to see the items needed with this shape! –
  • This shape is made for the Catwa Catya head, and results are not guarenteed in other bento heads! –

De'Ana is a shape made with the use of Catwa's Catya Bento head and a variety of mesh bodies from the grid. Modifiable to fit to your own personal needs, De'Ana comes ready with an hourglass, physique, maitreya lara, and tmp ready shapes. Please note that tmp shape does not work with the Bento hands currently available and only works with the tmp add ons because of body restrictions!

Have fun, <3Senpai

Anti-Harmie Charmie bracelet!

Tanoshi’s Anti-Harmie Charmies are a hand modeled and baked bracelet inspired by the Menhera Fashion! In a time of negativity we wanted to release something positive to remind people to keep going. In a world where we see abuse and self harm beautified in the name of art (which isn’t a bad thing, just a thing!) we wanted to release something reminding people not to take the things beautified in SL in to RL. Modeled and baked by our 3d Modeler Rik, and textured by Chobii, the anti-harmie charmie comes with a color change HUD for over 50+ Color options; most of which  have one of six motivational sayings options on them! It also has six symbols on it to represent society, people, gender, love, destiny, religion, and all the other things in life that can bring people to a point of feeling like they need to break down. We hope in showing these, that people realize these are also symbols of strength for some and they can be for you as well. Stay happy and healthy loves, and as always have fun!