Anti-Harmie Charmie bracelet!

Tanoshi’s Anti-Harmie Charmies are a hand modeled and baked bracelet inspired by the Menhera Fashion! In a time of negativity we wanted to release something positive to remind people to keep going. In a world where we see abuse and self harm beautified in the name of art (which isn’t a bad thing, just a thing!) we wanted to release something reminding people not to take the things beautified in SL in to RL. Modeled and baked by our 3d Modeler Rik, and textured by Chobii, the anti-harmie charmie comes with a color change HUD for over 50+ Color options; most of which  have one of six motivational sayings options on them! It also has six symbols on it to represent society, people, gender, love, destiny, religion, and all the other things in life that can bring people to a point of feeling like they need to break down. We hope in showing these, that people realize these are also symbols of strength for some and they can be for you as well. Stay happy and healthy loves, and as always have fun!



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