Special Appreciation

I think the biggest thanks I can give anyone is Brias & Buns & ET & Dolly, for always supporting me and pushing me on to keep getting things done and for teaching me new things any time I've asked for it. I love you guys. <3 

The second biggest and specialist thanks goes Stasey Oller, one of my biggest fans (lordy knows why lmao) and motivators. Stasey pretty much thinks I pee gold on to everything. I lav you.<3

Last but not least, my thankies goes to the group of people helping to make Tanoshi one of the most fun places on SL. Rik & Caxy & Hubbus & Purps & Alice, helping with making mesh and teaching me things step by step as we go along, and offering to add hand drawn kemono body mods to Tanoshi's line up of offered goods or write scripts to make our items more interactive and fun; You're all super sweet and Tanoshi would be nowhere near as wonderful as it is without all of you. (And are both getting their fair share of our proceeds due to such hard work and dedication! andmostlytocaspervendformakingitsoeasytodividendoutpercentagesforworkhahahaa!<3)

A Thanks on the side goes to all of our customers for making Tanoshi have purpose. Your purchases keep up going and fuel our creativity. Thank you for loving our items! More thanks to everyone who was ever a part of my life to teach and show me anything (Good & Bad) because you made me who I am today, a last thanks to Iokko Molko for making Tanoshi's current logo.