It's that time of the month again! Genre time! This round Tanoshi worked with Lamp*Light on some cutie stockings with hand meshed & textured ribbons, and on a matching headpiece. The theme was Regency so we went slightly royal. Also totally appropriate for sweet or classic lolita looks. Available for Slink, Maitreya, and The Mesh Project. Coming soon to Kemono!


.`•.¸.•´ ★
¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
(¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`*
Hello shoppers and followers,

Today Tanoshi is proud to announce another add on to it's group. A RL friend and Artist named Weja whom is a friend of Chobii's will be helping with cute pieces for designs to mesh, or texture on to items! Weja's not big in to second life yet, because she's learning how to do everything, so please keep any questions to our CSR Zroxxus until I've placed her information on the website officially, thank you.

Her work was first used in four of the six designs Tanoshi made for our newest release, the Saige Deco Cutie Sneels. Sneels is a funny word, js. :*

Chobii placed different items that Weja had previously drawn on a few of the pairs of shows to show Weja how her work can be used in second life. Burdja, Budding Weja, Pinku Stars, and Wejabunny Daydreams all have pieces from her art on them. If you'd like to see more of Weja's work please follow on through to her website!!!!

I know, I know. You see 12 and I said six. That's because this is another Lamp*Light and Tanoshi Collaboration! Alice came up with 6 designs of her own to sell through with Tanoshi! These babies are gorgeous and fun! The shoes have a HUD to change the bow or make it transparent for more casual wear, and the laces, bow, and all the gems have 17 different color options so you can individualize each pair to however you see fit! (All 12 options have the HUDS!!)

These are rigged to the Slink Mid and TMP Mid feet ONLY at the moment, (We're waiting on a secret to be released and the maitreya kit to be released before we put out anymore rigged version, and there will be no unrigged version due to how the shoe sits.) Kemono users, please note that these will not fit with your BB/MM feet. Or I've never gotten them to work. Once we pick a pair of feet we'll be working with exclusively ((Like rei's boobies)) we'll release a pair fit as close as we can to that foot. Other mesh bodies, please inquire with our CSR as to whether or not we're planning to release these for your particular feet! :D

Original mesh & Hand painted by our beloved staff. 249 a pair for all future updates automatically. (Including the addition of the Kemono/Maitreya/ect rigs being added as we gain access to them) 1000L for a fatpack of 6, or 2000L for all 12. :3 See you soon.



New Releases from Caxy!

Hallo again you fun lil' cuties! Tanoshi has two big updates to share with you today.

Not only have the Group Gifts been put out at the Diamante Store location, but we've had a giant market place update and though our Caxy has been away studying for a big exam for a promotion at work (GO CAXY!!!) He worked hard while I(Chobii) was away and moving at two releases that Tanoshi had, until today, been unable to release. We're very proud to bring you Caxy's Crystal Pyon's mod, named and colored in inspiration of the Crystal Gems. This is a MOD for the IMP TAIL Pyon set, which can only be used on the 'modders' version. :] You must own this to use the mod.

Another release set out at all locations is the Spoopy Moon eye Gacha for M3/M3V and Kemono. These eyes are another hand painted piece by Caxy.
These eyes are 45L a spin with two rares and an ultra rare fatpack. Share extras with friends so we can all be spoopy. :3

Takushi? }{

Tanoshi Update Overload!

I bring you many many news!

The 15th brings another round of Genre, and this time the theme is “Back To The Future” so Alice from Lamp&*Light, who has officially joined Tanoshi, and Chobii worked together on an original mesh/texture/animation pose set with poses inspired by the movie and a hoverboard made closely in it's image. :'D

Thepurplestuff did a wild west themed pair of goggles, a hat, and a neck scarf. Each of these (pose set too) are available for a mere 100L during this round of Genre.. Afterward all items will be marked up.

Speaking offffffffff~ Well, actually, it has nothing to do with mark ups but Tanoshi has opened two more stores. One at the Loud Mouth Mainstore sim and one at the Cubic Cherry Mainstore sim. :D

Soon the second floor of the location on the Loud Mouth sim will have these two group gifts available for group members as well as a lucky board with special limited edition versions of our Military and Homemade Dolly Dresses on Lucky Boards.

I'll bring you that update when they're ready. :*


Takushi? <3 <3 <3

Tanoshi @ Nightmare && Cure-con!

Hallo again lovies! Tanoshi's participating in not only the Nightmare event going on NOW but also in the Moonie Hunt that started on the 1st!

Since Chobii, the main texture girlie, was out and away moving we called in a little help from a good friend of ours, Alice of Lamp*Light. Alice did some textures for Rik's newest masterpiece (which we had soo much trouble with but stuck with until the end to bring to you! <3) The Exclusives for the event are the collaboration dresses, nicknamed “Stitchy Dress” by Alice.

In addition to those, Chobii was working on a texture of her own in her spare time which was (luckily) finished in time to also be released at the Nightmare event. These dresses, the Homemade Dolly Dresses, were inspired by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and are in an array of 'horror' and 'bittersweet' colors. They, of course, can also be purchased separately at the event. :D <3

If you get through the Nightmare walkthrough and collect all the pumpkins you get a giiift. Tanoshi has out this adorable little Skeleton lollipop that was meshed by ThePurplestuff and Textured on the Fly by Chobii to look like a wannabe Jack to go with her wannabe Sallly dresses. <3

The second free goodie available to you right now by Tanoshi is this really pretty Luna necklace and bow that was meshed and textured by Chobii and put together for the Moonie Hunt because of most of our employee's love for the Sailor Moon anime. :D Information on all of these events, and Lms to them will follow below!

Another event that just started was Cure-con 2015 which is a fight against breast cancer! To join in on the fight Tanoshi is offering their Nyan~komimi Pink set for only 100L and the fatpack of all Nyan~komimi colors for only 500L. These are getting an update soon that adds in additional pieces so I'd say grab it while it's for a good cause! ;D

And that's our fun for the month, ladie's and gentlemen. Other items will be coming out soon for the main stores, but as for events Tanoshi is taking off the rest of the month of october so Chobii can settle down and move in fully and our other employees work on learning to meshie or texture better so we can bring you even mooar goodies.



Event madness!

Today Tanoshi has a lot to tell you about, and a lot to show off! We are in a lot of events that started recently. Firstly, the Body Modification Expo where we have three exclusives. First were are offering some rings with hearts on them requested by a fan named Sibyl, so they're named Sibyl Heartsu Rings~

So I messed this ad a little and will be replacing it after the event when I have time, but for now I'll just have to tell you hear that the rings come with three color change huds for a total of 15 colors, and 4 wearing options. Knuckles, bridge, nipples, and butt dimples. These babies were meshed and textured all by the chobsters.

Secondly we have an RP and RPG inspired piercing meshed and textured by Thepurplestuff. These Potion bottles feed an alchemic soloution straight through to your veins for instant medicine when needed! These come modifiabe so you can place them where you can fit them! Water is animated, but tintable to any color you desire. Textures for modding included.

Lastly we have a silly gacha of nipple weights made to say random things that are meshed and textured by Chobii. As they are original mesh and something I did as a learning experiment, they are not PERFECT. They have imperfections shown in the ad. Just coloring differences and textures on the fronts. All were shown in the ad though. :D <3 Some are silly jokes, some are sexy combos. Each play comes with all 15 color options and a left and a right weight so no one's lop sided. Have fun with everything from Body mod, we had a lot of fun being here!

Also having started recently is the Boystyle Fair's first round, which is a fair for slim styled male avatars, mostly the 2.0/kemono avatars. Our Caxy hand painted two awesomely detailed tan and dark colored skins with tribal tattoos. Each of these comes with a M3/Venus head applier and a Kemono applier.

We're also participating in this round of SL Vogue with cutie autumn sweaterdresses, beret, and cutie shoulderbags for you guys to prep your fall season up with.

First available are the packs of Cutie Autumn sweaterdresses which have cute/silly sayings and images on them. These sets come with a matching beret and cutie shoulder bag.

Secondly available are our newest store release, the cutie sweaterdress. Each color comes with a skirt changing hud with 5 jean color options for their skirt. Matching berets and bags are available in the cutie beret and cutie shoulderbag Gacha. All of these are currently placed out at SL Vogue and are not at the main store yet. (Sorry, packing! ;////;)

Event days~

As many bloggers know, the 15th brings the beginning of a bunch of amazing events every month. Tanoshi has been honored to be a part of Genre for the last few months, which we have fun in every round of. Today start's their Age Of Dragon's round, which Thepurplestuff has spruced up her Dragon Skull Cauldron from her own personal store, 8bitalchmey, and meshed us a cute little plushie which was textured and animated by Chobii.

Another event starting today that we're honored to be a part of is the first round of Classically Kinky's Event themed “Elegance.” or something like that... xD Since my lovebug loves to have pets and I'm a spoiled lolita at heart (Chobii typing haaai!) I decided to make an elegant and roccocoesque but still classic bowl for pets/slaves to drink out of. It's the first item hand meshed and textured all by yours truly. Animations are all also made by me especially for the bowl. It's named after the kinkiest babygirl I know, my Dollyboo. Classically Kinky has THREE events going on throughout it's run. First is a 48 hour 50% off sale. For it, we're offering the fatpack of the Dolly bowl w/poses. Get both black and white for less than the price of one! Later on in the event there's a hunt that we're taking a part in as well! Look for the liittle black paddle hidden in the store for a 20L collar (also meshed by me. >//<;;).

                    Genre *

Tanoshi @ SL Vogue!

We were invited pretty last minute to be a guest at the SL Vogue monthly event. Of course we were honored and took the opportunity. Exclusively available now at the event for the next month are our Little Toy Guns dresses, Bullet Bracelets, and Through the Looking Glass eyes for LL avatars.

As a special guest item, we have amazingly fun and silly backpacks called Coffin Backpack Buddies that were made by Brias Stardust of Loud Mouth. Brias gave us the honor of being able to bring these to you for 99l throughout the duration of the event. The backpack buddies come with a Male and Female version, which both resize well to fit both LL and Kemono/Anime avatars. When you click on the skull's face, spiders crawl across it; which gives a cool and creepy feel to any situation.

Hope to see you there!

Tanoshi @ Animagical

We're proud to be clapping hands and telling you that Tanoshi is a part of the Animagical Gacha event!!

it opens today and we are bringing you two full Gachas of goodies. One is the Kemono/M3/Venus eyes I previously mentioned, drawn by our Vale. These babies are 50L a pull and the rare gets you a fatpack!

Secondly is a mesh that I am honored to say I had the pleasure of working with the owner of another store to create. She and I made our own creative little spin of mentalness to spawn a joke on Generic starter Armor. This lovie has 14 prizes, 6 rares, and 2 ultra rares! It Fits the Kemono with the Rei's Chest add on. We couldn't flat it with how it fits, so Caxy's sporting it in the add with a bandage to show it's femboy friendly if you don't use the top. <3 All Rares, including ultra, come with weapons that are scripted to hold your arms in the necessary position but allow your AO to take over the rest freely for a less... stiff feel in RP. :] Slayer, Medic, and Gladiator come with feather accents as well. 75L a play. <3

* Takushi

Through the Looking Glass

Eyes are the doors to our soul, keeps you locked with our new Through the Looking Glass eyes.

Hand painted by our own Valerok to have a key hole in the middle.

Who unlocks you?

<3 99L a Piece.;Mesh inserts, LL Standard eyes and an eye Alpha included.

These eyes were originally intended to be Kemono only, and the Kemono/M3/venus eyes WILL be available as of the first at the Animagical Gacha event, which Tanoshi is taking part in. Chobii loved these eyes so much though that she converted them in to standard LL eyes and made mesh inserts. (Using a free mesh eye template)

These lovelies are available at the Tanoshi mainstore and will be available on Market Place Soon! <3



Tanoshi @ Manga Fair

Hallo again! We're very pleased to announce that we're participating in this year's Manga Fair! I'm a little late posting here, I'm sorry. Qq

Anyway~ We're bringing to you three brand knew items from Tanoshi that are exclusives!

Firstly is a limited edition Kemono mod by our talented artists Caxy, named the Twilight Unicorn. Rik, our awesome mesher, got together a lion unicorn tail and animated it for us while our Chobii whose delving in to meshing herself, used a tutorial to create her first item, the unicorn horn adorning the head. This awesome mod comes with not only it's own horn and original mesh animated tail, but also had add ons drawn especially for the Burd-e-mart hooves and unicorn tail. As a bonus, we used the Kemono ears as our ears and added a human/animal leg texture as well as a Kemono tail texture for those of you who wish to be something aside from a unicorn. This very versitile baby is only 399L and will diappear when the event ends.

Secondly we made a headdress in memory of an anime based game our Purpsie loved as a child. Once again meshed by our awesome Rik, and textured lovingly (and a little painstakingly) by our Chobii~ As an additional bonus, the crowns all come with texture change huds to change the bands and feathers either black or white and to change the crown from silver to gold. Purchase by picking your flower color below. :) 199L a piece or a fatpack for 1000l

Lastly we squeezed in to the Gacha area with our last exclusive. Meshed and textured by Thepurplestuff, or Purpsie as I love to call her. These are another recreation from a game she loved from the past with her own spin on 'em. These are 75l a spin right beside Tanoshi's stall at the Manga fair.

We'll have more releases for you soon! Oh! And there's a cute preview of a future release as a gift at the fair! See you soon1

Takushii <3


A beginning and an end...~

Meaning the rounds of Genre, that is! Military round is OVER and you can now find the Little Toy guns dresses (including a fatpack!), the bullet bracelets (Also including a fatpack now!), and the Sky High mods for your Kemono (AS WELL AS A FATPACK!) allllll at the main store at their normal prices. :]

With the new round beginning, we're offering a new product that was hand meshed lovingly by our Rik.Gervasi and textured, with a little less love (Jkjk!) by our Chobii.

We present to you, Underworld love potions. Inspired by Hades and persephone and how he used the seeds of a pomegranet to entrap her for months at a time in the underworld. Our necklaces come in a variety of 'flavors' for you to entrap your own lovers with (Or yourself if you want!) and steam a little to always keep them under your spell. (There's no scripted spell guys, just roll with it. :'D Imagination!) FATPACK is on sale for a mere 99L for the duration of the event!

Tanoshi's in Genre!

Genre's newest round is Military themed, so our band of amazingly creative loves got together to bring you guys three new releases! All of which are discounted to 99 lindens for the duration of the Genre event!!!

The first release was brought to you by Caxy and his beloved Hubbu Vale. It's an air force inspired Kemono – M3v mod that makes you look kinda like an alien. The detail on the backing is gorgeous!!!

(Better view of back)

Secondly Rik took his amazing meshing skills to the next level and brought us a Military inspired Lolita dress that I slaved at for about two days while learning how to texture. I took the apron framed top approach and lined the bottom with an array of bullets, flying bullets, and chains. Name of the dresses is inspired by Carrie Underwood's “Little Toy Guns” song. <3

Lastly, but so not leastly, we have a new addition to the Tanoshi employment roll. Shad Tenish, Thepurplestuff, has joined on as a mesher/desigher and made us an adorable bullet bracelet/wrist cuffs that have a lace option which I textured to match the dresses and make a more full ensemble. We left these babies mod so they can work for males/females and everything in between! (Yes Kemono, tmp, maitreya have all been tested! :)) &

Blogger applications are finally open!!!

Tanoshi blogging Rules;

o: Minimum of two blog posts including Tanoshi items must be made a month.
O: Crisp, clear photographs where items from Tanoshi are well displayed.
O: All blog posts must be posted in the Tanoshi Flickr pool. Yes, Flickr is a necessity to blog for Tanoshi.
O: Any absence of a month or longer will need to be notified to our blogger manager (Zroxxus Resident) in writing by note card. If a month goes by without the two necessary posts, your account will be suspended or removed from the blogging group.
O: On the topic of blogger manager, a note card notifying Zroxxus that you've read and understand these rules and have applied needs to be sent for your application to count. Any application without the accompanying note card will be ignored.
O: Tanoshi has a blogging group. A group space is required.
O: Drama has a no tolerance policy. Keep it to yourself as you exit stage left if we're brought in to any of it.

If you have read and understand all of these rules, please fill out the following information below to apply to be a part of the fun! 

Cutie Shorts and Nyan~komimi are released!

Inspired by playful kittens & adorable Elins, the Nyan~komimi set comes with booties, paws, a tail, and ears that are all originally meshed and hand textured with love for you. :)

AO & UV Included for those who love to mod. Feel free to sell the textures you make for the boots, but please link back as the boots themselves are not transferrable.

Modifiable for easy to resize by the edit menu ability included! (huehuehueduh) Has been tested on Kemono, TMP, Maitreya, Slink, Standard LL, and Toodeldoo avatars.

I forgot to show you last week's release, too, which was these adorable shorts made by Akuma Drops. I love the high waisted look of them. They were modded by Chobiis and an optional unrigged and modifiable bow was included. Meshed by our very own Rik whom we're so thankful to have on the team.

If you want to mod the bow for anything, the AO and UV come with the Nyan~komimis ;)

* *

Stasey Foxxeh Bags & Poses!

Today, Tanoshi is releasing two Gachas and a pose set especially catered to the showing off of backpacks/bags!

This pose set is so versitile that some of the poses are cute alone, and others you can use multiple times in different angles for a completely new look! :3

Not only have we gone that far, but we've included a Foxxeh Stasey bag with the poses attached where we at Tanoshi feel is best for the pose that way you can attack -other- bags to the same area for a similar look!

Since Kemono is so big and so cute, there are even bags for the Anti-Grav boobs And the normal Kemono flat chest.

Since Rik went so far as to make this bag perfect for us, it's been recolored with the use of free ok-to-use stock photos and brushes found on the internet. We've made two gachas of cute Foxxeh bags for you to play for and carry around to keep some Tanoshi with you always.&

We hope you enjoy these releases! Also excitingly a sim has opened that's d├ęcor is reminiscent of Akiba Japan! It's very cute and fun to explore. Tanoshi was offered a store there, so we've put one of the Gachas there exclusively! Those bags are only available at that store! Please visit soon! :3


* *


Tanoshi's Opening!

Hello those who love all things cute, happy, and fun! Tanoshi is a new store in SL hoping to bring you all of that and more!

Tanoshi was founded by Chobii and a group of friends of her's, all of which will be named more below.

Our aim is to be a store on SL that's not involved in drama or hate fests, but clean and simple fun instead. :D

Our team of designers and employees are as follows.

Chobii: Main Store Owner & Designer
Specializes in Poses and is learning to texture!

Caxy: Designer
Specializes in Kemono & M3 Mods!

Zroxxus: Employee
Handles Customer Service Needs & Blogger Managing

Rik Gervasi: Designer
Specializes in 3d Modeling

As we hope to continue growing, we will gladly take any concerns, complaints, and requests. Please sent a note card to the above specified person entitled “Tanoshi – YOURWISH”. All names above are SL names that can easily be found in search.

This information will be easily found any time it's needed on our Store Policy & Information page!

We welcome you to visit our Main Store which we just opened! .}|{.

Hey hey!

Chobii here!

This will be updated soon! :'D <3