Tanoshi's Opening!

Hello those who love all things cute, happy, and fun! Tanoshi is a new store in SL hoping to bring you all of that and more!

Tanoshi was founded by Chobii and a group of friends of her's, all of which will be named more below.

Our aim is to be a store on SL that's not involved in drama or hate fests, but clean and simple fun instead. :D

Our team of designers and employees are as follows.

Chobii: Main Store Owner & Designer
Specializes in Poses and is learning to texture!

Caxy: Designer
Specializes in Kemono & M3 Mods!

Zroxxus: Employee
Handles Customer Service Needs & Blogger Managing

Rik Gervasi: Designer
Specializes in 3d Modeling

As we hope to continue growing, we will gladly take any concerns, complaints, and requests. Please sent a note card to the above specified person entitled “Tanoshi – YOURWISH”. All names above are SL names that can easily be found in search.

This information will be easily found any time it's needed on our Store Policy & Information page!

We welcome you to visit our Main Store which we just opened! .}|{.



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