Stasey Foxxeh Bags & Poses!

Today, Tanoshi is releasing two Gachas and a pose set especially catered to the showing off of backpacks/bags!

This pose set is so versitile that some of the poses are cute alone, and others you can use multiple times in different angles for a completely new look! :3

Not only have we gone that far, but we've included a Foxxeh Stasey bag with the poses attached where we at Tanoshi feel is best for the pose that way you can attack -other- bags to the same area for a similar look!

Since Kemono is so big and so cute, there are even bags for the Anti-Grav boobs And the normal Kemono flat chest.

Since Rik went so far as to make this bag perfect for us, it's been recolored with the use of free ok-to-use stock photos and brushes found on the internet. We've made two gachas of cute Foxxeh bags for you to play for and carry around to keep some Tanoshi with you always.&

We hope you enjoy these releases! Also excitingly a sim has opened that's d├ęcor is reminiscent of Akiba Japan! It's very cute and fun to explore. Tanoshi was offered a store there, so we've put one of the Gachas there exclusively! Those bags are only available at that store! Please visit soon! :3


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