Event madness!

Today Tanoshi has a lot to tell you about, and a lot to show off! We are in a lot of events that started recently. Firstly, the Body Modification Expo where we have three exclusives. First were are offering some rings with hearts on them requested by a fan named Sibyl, so they're named Sibyl Heartsu Rings~

So I messed this ad a little and will be replacing it after the event when I have time, but for now I'll just have to tell you hear that the rings come with three color change huds for a total of 15 colors, and 4 wearing options. Knuckles, bridge, nipples, and butt dimples. These babies were meshed and textured all by the chobsters.

Secondly we have an RP and RPG inspired piercing meshed and textured by Thepurplestuff. These Potion bottles feed an alchemic soloution straight through to your veins for instant medicine when needed! These come modifiabe so you can place them where you can fit them! Water is animated, but tintable to any color you desire. Textures for modding included.

Lastly we have a silly gacha of nipple weights made to say random things that are meshed and textured by Chobii. As they are original mesh and something I did as a learning experiment, they are not PERFECT. They have imperfections shown in the ad. Just coloring differences and textures on the fronts. All were shown in the ad though. :D <3 Some are silly jokes, some are sexy combos. Each play comes with all 15 color options and a left and a right weight so no one's lop sided. Have fun with everything from Body mod, we had a lot of fun being here!

Also having started recently is the Boystyle Fair's first round, which is a fair for slim styled male avatars, mostly the 2.0/kemono avatars. Our Caxy hand painted two awesomely detailed tan and dark colored skins with tribal tattoos. Each of these comes with a M3/Venus head applier and a Kemono applier.

We're also participating in this round of SL Vogue with cutie autumn sweaterdresses, beret, and cutie shoulderbags for you guys to prep your fall season up with.

First available are the packs of Cutie Autumn sweaterdresses which have cute/silly sayings and images on them. These sets come with a matching beret and cutie shoulder bag.

Secondly available are our newest store release, the cutie sweaterdress. Each color comes with a skirt changing hud with 5 jean color options for their skirt. Matching berets and bags are available in the cutie beret and cutie shoulderbag Gacha. All of these are currently placed out at SL Vogue and are not at the main store yet. (Sorry, packing! ;////;)