Cutie Shorts and Nyan~komimi are released!

Inspired by playful kittens & adorable Elins, the Nyan~komimi set comes with booties, paws, a tail, and ears that are all originally meshed and hand textured with love for you. :)

AO & UV Included for those who love to mod. Feel free to sell the textures you make for the boots, but please link back as the boots themselves are not transferrable.

Modifiable for easy to resize by the edit menu ability included! (huehuehueduh) Has been tested on Kemono, TMP, Maitreya, Slink, Standard LL, and Toodeldoo avatars.

I forgot to show you last week's release, too, which was these adorable shorts made by Akuma Drops. I love the high waisted look of them. They were modded by Chobiis and an optional unrigged and modifiable bow was included. Meshed by our very own Rik whom we're so thankful to have on the team.

If you want to mod the bow for anything, the AO and UV come with the Nyan~komimis ;)

* *