Having fun? Shape Haul!

Hello lovlies! Some of the best things in life are cute, and some of the cutest things in Tanoshi's life are you; our beloved customers! With the beginning of the year we're bringing you three shapes. One inherently female, and two femboy shapes designed by our resident Femboy, Caxy. We saw a few people asking about cute femboy shapes, so we've made two adorable little cuties for you! Super Fancy Sir is a demonic look on an alluring shape. Shaffer's a cute and magical lil' cutie on an androgynous shape that comes flat, but is modify for easily adding breasts and wearing it female. Both of the shapes Caxy has created are flatand femboy ready with the addition of the v-tech boi chest. Marin is a somewhat adorably average looking shape made for those who like a more modest and 'plain' look. Marin is set up for a naturally beautiful look with no make-up.

Super Fancy Sir comes with the above shown shape, brow base, and a style card to help direct you where to complete this look. Super Fancy Sir is a shape made by Caxy to make an in-world rendition of one of his original characters. When he was asked to make some Femboy shapes, he was not only extremely happy to help the community by making us a cute shape for you guys to begin making your cute selves with, but was generous enough to share one of his own personal character's shapes. We're overly happy to announce this release with you guys! Super Fancy Sir is 5'8 in world which is average for male shapes in real life but short for both gender heights on Second Life; Super Fancy Sir is still adult shaped.

Shaffer is the cute shape Caxy made. As a whole, Tanoshi is supportive of all people from all walks of life. We promote happiness, fun, and positivity more than anything. We're all about helping reach out and teach others or give advice when asked. When we saw a request among the community for cute femboy shapes, we wanted to help come to the rescue! Shaffer ended up Androgynous enough looking that we feel it could go either way. All of Tanoshi's shapes are sold modify, but this one we'd like to actually say can be easily made more feminine looking by upping the breast size. :3 Shaffer is six foot to be average height for female and most feminine shapes in Second Life. Though tall and a little above average for males in real life, Shaffer is short compared to male shapes in Second Life.

Marin is a shape made by Chobii for a more natural looking cute. Her features are natural and soft looking, with a little bit extra in the hips and rear. She's an otherwise slim and fairly small chested shape. She's shown with Elf ears because she's a tall shape, for Chobii, which made her look Elven to her. Marin is six foot, making her average height for women in Second Life, though tall for real life women.

As usual, all shapes on Tanoshi are modify in their full version, please Demo before purchasing. Demos are not modify, and have altered necks and hands for the showing of the shape without use of them without purchase.

The last update we have, is that with the refiguring of the bones with the version 3.0 of the Catwa Catya head helped make it so we were finally able to find, and fix the problem with our Ari shape. She's been updated and everyone who has once purchased will be getting the update for free within the next few days! We'll also be resending out the demos to everyone to show we've kept up with trying!

We hope everyone is having a good time and that the new year is bringing in love, light, and helps fill your hands with everything you work toward!

Have fun!