New Releases from Caxy!

Hallo again you fun lil' cuties! Tanoshi has two big updates to share with you today.

Not only have the Group Gifts been put out at the Diamante Store location, but we've had a giant market place update and though our Caxy has been away studying for a big exam for a promotion at work (GO CAXY!!!) He worked hard while I(Chobii) was away and moving at two releases that Tanoshi had, until today, been unable to release. We're very proud to bring you Caxy's Crystal Pyon's mod, named and colored in inspiration of the Crystal Gems. This is a MOD for the IMP TAIL Pyon set, which can only be used on the 'modders' version. :] You must own this to use the mod.

Another release set out at all locations is the Spoopy Moon eye Gacha for M3/M3V and Kemono. These eyes are another hand painted piece by Caxy.
These eyes are 45L a spin with two rares and an ultra rare fatpack. Share extras with friends so we can all be spoopy. :3

Takushi? }{

Tanoshi Update Overload!

I bring you many many news!

The 15th brings another round of Genre, and this time the theme is “Back To The Future” so Alice from Lamp&*Light, who has officially joined Tanoshi, and Chobii worked together on an original mesh/texture/animation pose set with poses inspired by the movie and a hoverboard made closely in it's image. :'D

Thepurplestuff did a wild west themed pair of goggles, a hat, and a neck scarf. Each of these (pose set too) are available for a mere 100L during this round of Genre.. Afterward all items will be marked up.

Speaking offffffffff~ Well, actually, it has nothing to do with mark ups but Tanoshi has opened two more stores. One at the Loud Mouth Mainstore sim and one at the Cubic Cherry Mainstore sim. :D

Soon the second floor of the location on the Loud Mouth sim will have these two group gifts available for group members as well as a lucky board with special limited edition versions of our Military and Homemade Dolly Dresses on Lucky Boards.

I'll bring you that update when they're ready. :*


Takushi? <3 <3 <3