It's summer, which happens to be a bunch of the employees most beloved month! It's a season where there's a month dedicated to pride, it's a season where a member or two have a birthday (for which we love all seasons let's be real!) and it's a season we decided to make you guys a group gift for!!!

While waiting for our beloved Rik to come back from an awesome vacation, Chobii fiddled around in Blender to bring us some simple flip flops which were textured and set out in a rainbow flat version rigged to maitreya, belleza, and slink flat for all of our loves as a group gift! Don't forget to swing by and snag it!!!

The flip flops weren't only flat though, no, they were also refit to mid and high sizes for both feet and rigged to follow suit so we have a small release for you guys called the FlipaFlops with a color change HUD offering stripes and spotted versions.

There are a few clear errors with the model we are working on still so an update will follow, but please note them in the image and in a demo before purchasing.

We hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far. <3

Thank you



Bento Purse Holds!

Tanoshi's bento purse holds are six static poses used for taking pictures. Each was inspired by different images online we thought would be good blogging images.

Each pose is priority four and copy to be able to be placed in pose sort systems.

Purse is not included, but is a sale from Tanoshi and is in the related items below the MP link and is available right above the poses in world!

These poses were made by Chobii, who thinks there's always room for more blogging poses!

Thank you for your interest, and as always have fun! <3


Spring Mahou Bodysuit

Heya cuties, Tanoshi here with another new release! This time it's an opriginal mesh body suit inspired by Shiva's Ensemble from W.O.FF. Have you played? Some of Tanoshi's employees are Final Fantasy Fans, and Chobs is the biggest. So much so she learned to rig for this body suit and is responsible for the textures as well. Brias came to our rescue with the 3d modeling and created the gorgeous mesh we're donning you with.

This was more than a two week long project, what with weight painting for 12 different bodies/add ons? We had a lot of fun trying to figure out a good work flow for everything though and Tanoshi is proud to bring you the Spring Maho Bodysuit.

Each color comes with a color change HUD that allows you to change the accents on the suit to over 15 different colors. The Fatpack comes with a speciaal HUD allowing you to change both the suit and the accents for inventory cleanliness! <3

The Maho Bodysuits are rigged to all Belleza bodies for both Natural and Perky breasts, Maitreya and Maitreya with the v-tech boichest add on, Slink Physique and Hourglass, as well as Kemono and Kemono with Rei's chest add on.

We know it's summer but bring on some spring magic with the Spring Maho Bodysuit.

Single colors available on the MP as well as a fatpack~
Single colors available in Mini Mainstore as well as fatpacks in both little satelite stores.