Ai-Hime Accessories

Heya cuties! Tanoshi here with another adorable release for you! This one was brought to you by the dream team Rik & Chobii both of which did modeling for this project. Rik baked and Chobs textured and slaved away at color change HUDs for our final product, chock full of options for you!

Ai-hime is a 7 part accessory set that can be purchased as individual pieces if you're not interested in the entire set, but can also be purchased in a fatpack or 'fattie-chan' versuion as Tanoshi calls them. The earrings and chokers have both crown and heart motif options and either a chain or bow tied back clasp. Rings are unrigged to the left and right ring fingers, earrings are optional as a crown or a heart stud, and everything is scripted in Tanoshi's 15+ color choices to be able to match anything you guys have your eyes on!

Rendered, baked, and modeled in Blender by Second Life members of the Community.
Available at 125L per piece, you can snag the fattie-chan for 449L and be a love princess of your own!



Rotten Egg Hunt 2018!

Heya cuties! Just like last year, Tanoshi's in this year's Rotten Egg hunt! To be cute, this year we made five really adorable little hair pieces and then made a 'rotten egg' that houses a little zombie sheeps clip! All Hairclips are original mesh and were modeled and textured by Tanoshi's Chobii. There are six clips to win! A bitten Bunny Ear & Bow clip, three pairs of your own fuzzy Bunbun ears available in vanilla, chocolate, or swirl as shown, a cracked easter egg hair clip, and a zombie sheeps hairclip to win. Each egg is hidden around the Lanisha sim, along with eggs from over 20 other designers and each egg is priced between 1-5L depending on the designer's preference. Here at Tanoshi we've decided to price our eggs at 1L a piece. We hope you guys have a blast and run around the Lanisha sim looking for goodies because the cuties we've being seen put available are -adorable.-

Happy Hunting!


Chariot: Awaits~

Byo BL_?

Ever have someone you wanted to tell to put their foot in their mouth? Ever wanted to walk in a sandwich and know how those delicious layers of meat feel between those toes? Ever want to spray condiments like particles with every step? Tanoshi has the item for you!!

Tanoshi's Build Your Own BL_ is a collaboration joke project between the employees of Tanoshi! BLT Foot Sandwich is 100% Original mesh by our own SL playing 3d-modelers and textures by Tanoshi employees.
Mesh was a collaboration between Brias and Chobii this time, where Brias modeled and Chobs Unwrapped, baked, and textured! Rik was then called in for the scripting expertice that allows for... Optional particle scripts emit upon step and click!!! For those of you who think that is too extra, we agree and we usually are so there's a NP or non-particled version for whoever wants a dry sandwich! There is a color change HUD letting you choose you choose between four different bread options, and six different meat options!

Don't forget your sole food!

BYO Feetwiches can be found at our mainstore location in world as well as on the market place!!

Chariot? <3 <3