Tanoshi @ Animagical

We're proud to be clapping hands and telling you that Tanoshi is a part of the Animagical Gacha event!!

it opens today and we are bringing you two full Gachas of goodies. One is the Kemono/M3/Venus eyes I previously mentioned, drawn by our Vale. These babies are 50L a pull and the rare gets you a fatpack!

Secondly is a mesh that I am honored to say I had the pleasure of working with the owner of another store to create. She and I made our own creative little spin of mentalness to spawn a joke on Generic starter Armor. This lovie has 14 prizes, 6 rares, and 2 ultra rares! It Fits the Kemono with the Rei's Chest add on. We couldn't flat it with how it fits, so Caxy's sporting it in the add with a bandage to show it's femboy friendly if you don't use the top. <3 All Rares, including ultra, come with weapons that are scripted to hold your arms in the necessary position but allow your AO to take over the rest freely for a less... stiff feel in RP. :] Slayer, Medic, and Gladiator come with feather accents as well. 75L a play. <3

* Takushi


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