Lucky Bag fun for you!

Lucky Bags, or lucky packs are a concept out of Japan that began as a new year's tradition. To spur on shopping, stores fill bags with a certain set of items and sell them at a major discount. Lucky times for the customers! Here at Tanoshi, we think that's fun! We want to bring that fun and good fortune to second life. We're doing so by starting the Lucky Bag Mainstore event.

The theme of this event is simple, rather than do the annual lucky bags that the Japanese stores do, or the random ones lolita stores do, we're going to be offering promises of our own. Promises of Luck to our customers. Your promise can be as little as one bag a year, or as much as one bag a month. The contents of the bag can be as little as one discounted item, or as much as a few different Lucky Bags at different prices with more in the more expensive ones. Whether or not you wish to have new or exclusive items, or wish to offer already released items (Single colors or Gacha commons preferable) is completely up to you. Monthly packs like “Loot Crate” or “Burn Box” or “Kawaii Box” or whatever some of those other monthly boxes of surprise presents are another inspiration for the event, so think of those.

The hope is that word of mouth through customers and our bloggers will spread the news of what's in the Lucky Bags available on the 15th of each month and excite others to take part in the good luck as well. A week after release, you're free to release your ads if you want (though there is no rule that you must) to spur people on to take part in the sale before the month ends.

If you wish to join in this Lucky experience, foll out the following form:

Tanoshi's Lucky Bag promise is to release three boxes a month, always where 1 has a special exclusive item, 2 has another exclusive item and an older item, and three has the items from both box one and two as well as two other older store items. These can consist of a common gacha item, still trans but not copyable (so a free play!) and/or a single color or an item with a color change HUD. Items will vary from LL to Kemono/Anime and will not be announced beforehand. In order to see what's inside our lucky bags, wait until next week when we reveal the ads!

We're also in this round of The Dressing Room as a guest designer, where our cutie sweaterdresses, introvert glasses, and crystal hanger are all on sale for 70L.

Happy shopping!