Event days~

As many bloggers know, the 15th brings the beginning of a bunch of amazing events every month. Tanoshi has been honored to be a part of Genre for the last few months, which we have fun in every round of. Today start's their Age Of Dragon's round, which Thepurplestuff has spruced up her Dragon Skull Cauldron from her own personal store, 8bitalchmey, and meshed us a cute little plushie which was textured and animated by Chobii.

Another event starting today that we're honored to be a part of is the first round of Classically Kinky's Event themed “Elegance.” or something like that... xD Since my lovebug loves to have pets and I'm a spoiled lolita at heart (Chobii typing haaai!) I decided to make an elegant and roccocoesque but still classic bowl for pets/slaves to drink out of. It's the first item hand meshed and textured all by yours truly. Animations are all also made by me especially for the bowl. It's named after the kinkiest babygirl I know, my Dollyboo. Classically Kinky has THREE events going on throughout it's run. First is a 48 hour 50% off sale. For it, we're offering the fatpack of the Dolly bowl w/poses. Get both black and white for less than the price of one! Later on in the event there's a hunt that we're taking a part in as well! Look for the liittle black paddle hidden in the store for a 20L collar (also meshed by me. >//<;;).

                    Genre *

Tanoshi @ SL Vogue!

We were invited pretty last minute to be a guest at the SL Vogue monthly event. Of course we were honored and took the opportunity. Exclusively available now at the event for the next month are our Little Toy Guns dresses, Bullet Bracelets, and Through the Looking Glass eyes for LL avatars.

As a special guest item, we have amazingly fun and silly backpacks called Coffin Backpack Buddies that were made by Brias Stardust of Loud Mouth. Brias gave us the honor of being able to bring these to you for 99l throughout the duration of the event. The backpack buddies come with a Male and Female version, which both resize well to fit both LL and Kemono/Anime avatars. When you click on the skull's face, spiders crawl across it; which gives a cool and creepy feel to any situation.

Hope to see you there!

Tanoshi @ Animagical

We're proud to be clapping hands and telling you that Tanoshi is a part of the Animagical Gacha event!!

it opens today and we are bringing you two full Gachas of goodies. One is the Kemono/M3/Venus eyes I previously mentioned, drawn by our Vale. These babies are 50L a pull and the rare gets you a fatpack!

Secondly is a mesh that I am honored to say I had the pleasure of working with the owner of another store to create. She and I made our own creative little spin of mentalness to spawn a joke on Generic starter Armor. This lovie has 14 prizes, 6 rares, and 2 ultra rares! It Fits the Kemono with the Rei's Chest add on. We couldn't flat it with how it fits, so Caxy's sporting it in the add with a bandage to show it's femboy friendly if you don't use the top. <3 All Rares, including ultra, come with weapons that are scripted to hold your arms in the necessary position but allow your AO to take over the rest freely for a less... stiff feel in RP. :] Slayer, Medic, and Gladiator come with feather accents as well. 75L a play. <3

* Takushi