Introvert's Magic!

Hey again cuties! I have two more new releases for you from Tanoshi! ThePurplestuff has been meshing her lil' rear off! This time bringing you guys a scripted fantasy lantern that hovers and twirls suspended in the air by magical crystals she mesh and textured on her own! :'D Tanoshi's proud to slap it's name and our advertising on this baby!! Color Change HUD includes multiple metals and crystal color options!

Back when Tanoshi started, Rik made a few small items for us all to play with. It's taken a while, but we've finally come up with a glass look we're pleased enough with to release these half rimmed glasses inspired by Jellyfish Princess!! These have a reflection of a cell phone in them, lovingly named Introvert's Glasses for those of us who like to keep our faces in our phones. Color change HUD brings you these with 20 color options! Resize Script included so these are easily fit to any head! Mesh, anime, kemono, furry (Sculpt & Mesh), and Human heads alike (LL & Mesh)

 Special thanks to Alice from Lamp*Light for posing in the ad with me for this one! <3 We hope you enjoy! These are both mainstore releases! :D


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