Tanoshi's Dressing up and pricing down!

Heya cuties! So after a talk among ourselves, we've decided to lower prices throughout Tanoshi as a whole, permanently! I was hoping to not 'crash the original mesh' market, but I consider Tanoshi like a student workshop more than a full on business business, and bringing items to you guys at a lower price is more fun, right? Enjoy the lower prices, m'loves!

Another good news item is that we're in this round of The Dressing Room! Purpsie meshed us an adorable key and bow accessory set which Chobii lovingly textured with some help from Rik for clean-up and bakes since it was in the middle of Chobii's vacation!

Another wonderful bit of work brought to you from group work! The doll key is scripted with a special script requested by our friend Dolly and created by our friend ET. It's a single script dolly function script that has the regular wind and owner options with a few add ons, like the ability to over wind and break your doll, back up power, and calling owner available as options!

We had a lot of fun making this and testing it out, many laughs were had. We hope you enjoy them as well. The accessory sets come with many pieces in them and each has an accessory HUD with 4 metal and 14 bow options!

Bow Bound, Earring, and necklace sets all have options with and without keys for use alone or with the doll key! (Some are a total of 96 options!!!)

The Dressing Room opens on the 1st and the 16th of each Month. These are available there until the 15th for a sale price of 99L. Once they hit the mainstore their prices will be risen, though not too high so they still reflect our new lower prices!



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