Ari Shape & Style for Bento!

Ari is a cute shape styled by Chobii using Catwa's Catya head & Slink Hourglass body. The shape has been refitted to be used with Physique & Lara with less of a waist cinch due to body restrictions and The Mesh Project's Female body with quite a bit of accuracy!

Ari is 5'7 to be below average height for second life, but still average or slightly above average for a real life woman! We like to design in real size! :3 The shape and brow base are both modifiable so you can go in and make yourself taller or thicker if you wish! Ari is modeled after a Role Playing Character and close friend of Chobii's and is named after the friend. It was also inspired by the cute opened mouth look VCO did with a mesh mouth a few months ago. Using the Catwa HUD and head, it's a cute mesh head alternative to a mesh mouth that works with expressions! <3

Tanoshi gives thanks and credit to all for inspiration and hope everyone likes Ari! :D Details on how to get the look shown in the ad are with the style card; included in purchase!


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